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Elevate Kids' Bedroom with Honeycomb Cellular Shades

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San Ramon Honeycomb Cellular Shades


San Ramon


Louvenia Holmes

Service Request:

Ms. Louvenia Holmes aimed to create a cozy and vibrant haven for her kids while optimizing light control and privacy. Her request was to find bedroom window treatments that balanced aesthetics with functionality. We recommended honeycomb cellular shades to address her requirements.

Our Solution:

Collaborating closely with Ms. Holmes, we tailored a solution that exceeded expectations. Honeycomb cellular shades were chosen for their ability to provide excellent insulation, light control, and an inviting ambiance. Our team helped Ms. Holmes select cheerful fabrics that perfectly matched her kids' room décor.


With the installation of honeycomb cellular shades, Ms. Holmes' kids' bedroom transformed into a playful yet functional space. The shades not only added a touch of elegance to the room but also offered energy efficiency and light diffusion, creating a serene environment for the young ones to enjoy.


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