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Simple Roller Shades For San Ramon Room

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Simple Roller Shades For San Ramon Room


San Ramon


Samantha Hall

Service Request:

Mrs. Hall was setting up a functional room and she needed a simple set of roller shades to decrease the daylight brightness. She didn’t look for anything too bulky or complicated to use.

Our Solution:

A classic set of roller shades set a standard when we talk about functionality. All Mrs. Hall had to do was to choose the design and the material according to her requirements. The offer is very rich and diverse – depending on the taste and function, there are plenty of colors and materials, so there are numerous combinations for roller shades. Mrs. Hall didn’t need blackout shades to completely darken the room, but only to temper the sunlight, so her choice was an effortless and simple design for roller shades with a textile perfect for diffusing the light. The textile was watching the interior design, so, when the roller shades were not in use, the compact mechanism and the overall style of the roller shades blended perfectly into the room décor.

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